About Us


Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.


R.P.S School, one of the most prestigious schools of Biharsharif, is meant to provide better and essential education among students. It has good palatial building. All th class rooms are airy and spacious. It gives children better opportunities to prosper in life. I am assured that the school will continue preparing the students in achieving the goal and instilling positive attitude in them. Students are the greatest trust and i have under taken and the job to strengthen the trust and brighten the failure. Many obstacles and challenges come in life. The school has goal team of teachers who prepare students through competitive way. They become able to accept challenges, shoot out the hindrance and make their life full of successes even after schooling. R.P.S is doing hard sincerely and I hope your ward will become a responsible, capable, resourceful, and dynamic figure. The school is well equipped with the latest means of education and it has large playground. It is meant also to make contact between parents and school management. So that the relationship may be intact. I have expectation from parents that they must sign in the diary and give suggestion if required. The management is ready to tackle the problem all the time. I hope the school will continue to provide education to all sections of society irrespective of caste, creed and race. The purpose of education is to develop knowledge, discipline good manners and habits.


Our sole and singular aim lies in providing modern education based on cultural, social and heritage. All these infuse an adequate and balanced sense among the students so that they can claim themselves as true Indians with all their makings.


It is a regular feature of this school, here students and teachers present devotional songs, patriotic songs, news of the day, thought of the day, national anthem and pledge to the nation. The main purpose of the assembly is to inculcate values in the students making them self-reliant and better citizens for all purpose related to various fields of life.


The school lays adequate balanced and appropriate stress to inculcate moral values especially respect and possibility among its students. Participation in quiz, group discussion and debate contest is a must for each and every student from class two onwards. The introduction of these three activities has brought fruitful result filling the students with bubbling confidence, courage and determination too in pursuing or carrying on their studies.